It is traditional to begin a blog with a statement of intent, and I see no reason to be any different. I wanted something where I could post (relatively) serious discussion about books I am reading or have read recently, and thoughts and issues about my writing. 

I am not an academic, neither am I a great student of serious literature. For me, reading is something I do to escape from the real world. I read to be entertained, not challenged, and I hope that the sorts of things I write are in themselves, entertaining.

Growing up I tended to split my reading between historical fiction and science fiction/fantasy. I devoured Rosemary Sutcliffe and Andre Norton. When I began to write I attempted to write fantasy but it didn’t work and when it eventually did work, it was historical, and that is what I write now.

Rosemary Sutcliff links
Sutcliff Interview
An Appreciation, by the HNS
Blue Remembered Hills

Andre Norton links
Andre Norton
Wikipedia on Andre Norton

So the focus is largely historical. The period of my interest is subject to change, dependent on what I am writing. Currently it is the Great War, previously it has been mid Victorian Scotland, Roman Scotland, and some years before that, the Jacobite rebellion of 1745.


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