Rina Ramsay

Rina Ramsay was an author of light fiction who published novels and short stories between 1896 and 1926. It is extremely hard to find her novels these days – there's another one I would like to read but I haven't seen it anywhere.

Many of her short stories appear to be horror, which is interesting considering that her published novels are rather frothy romances. You can read one of them, Resurgam online. This originally appeared in The Strand in 1915 and was the last short story of hers that I have been able to identify. Others were published in different magazines between 1898 and 1908.

Her published novels are:

Miss Drummond's Dilemma (1896)
English Ann. At school in Blumbaden (1897)
Key of the Door (1908)
The Straw (1909)
Barnaby (1910)
Impossible She (1912)
Long Odds (with J Otho Paget) (1921)
Step in the House (1926)

My great grandmother had two of these – Barnaby and The Straw which I shall discuss in due course.


One response to “Rina Ramsay

  1. Denise Ramsay Porter

    Which novel were you interested in reading? My father has most of them… found them in various far-flung corners of the world. Have a photo of Rina in her “Home Guards” uniform and a photo of her typewriter that she used to type her novels. She never married. Perhaps that’s why she enjoyed writing romances!

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